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dslr steadicamIf you know how to choose the best point and shoot digital camera, you are far ahead than those who own average DSLR units. DSLRs are becoming popular nowadays, even to the most amateur of photographers. Compact cameras are always labeled low-class in comparison to the DSLR but real photography enthusiasts know how to appreciate a good compact digital camera. There is no denying that DSLR images surpass the quality of those camera images by several notches. DSLR has large image sensors that accommodate large pixel sizes. They also have faster ISO than digital compact units. No matter how many megapixels possesses, it can never compete with the large image sensors of the DSLR. However, DSLR also surpasses the price range of them. The former is also very difficult to maintain. If you are a serious photographer who can handle the intricacies of a DSLR, then by all means purchase the DSLR. But if you don’t have the budget and the complex photography knowledge, the best point and shoot digital camera can work to your advantage. Those who simply want to snap away for the sake of posterity can stick to the compact camera. You just have to consider several pointers in choosing the best point and shoot digital camera. Compact digital units are best known for their auto mode. They’re supposed to be optimized for this setting so if the camera has terrible auto mode quality, then it’s not the best around. These compact cameras do not enjoy the freedom and flexibility of DSLR. With DSLR, you can make manual adjustments to the shutter speed, ISO, aperture, filter, and lenses to bring the best out of each image. The best compact camera has various preset options that are meant for different circumstances. For instance, the portrait mode will decrease the depth of the field if you want to focus on the person’s full body. Indoor settings can soften the effect of fluorescent light. Preset options allow the serious amateur photographer to get the best out of it. The best point and shoot digital camera also has maximum optical zoom. Some people are tricked by the digital zoom but really, it distorts the image. The optical zoom is where the actual lenses move to bring the subject closer. Optical zoom specs range from 3x to 12x. 10x would be good enough for a start, though. Choose a camera with an image stabilizer as well because images shake as the zoom factor amplifies. These are just some of the elements to consider when picking out the best point and shoot digital camera. Never be fooled into believing that DSLR is always the best choice.