glidecam hd 4000Digital cameras these days go beyond their basic function of just capturing photos. This advanced photographic device can also take videos which can be uploaded and stored in a computer or shared online. Most cameras, particularly the compact point and shoot, are easy to operate today and as such, it is also easy to use them to record videos. The DSLRs also have this feature. The HD DSLR, in particular, is now capable of capturing videos. The original version was not actually meant for video recording purposes but today, the HD has become a standard feature in DSLRs. We share some simple tips here on how to record great videos. If you’re able to follow them, you can be sure to capture quality videos moving forward. Although most cameras nowadays are in auto mode, experts recommend using the manual focus when recording videos. It has been observed that automatic and continuous focus often result in bad videos. Make sure then you practice using the manual focus as often as possible so you’ll get adjusted to it and don’t waste your time in the event you’ll need to use your camera. A most important step is to learn about the steps in using the focus ring. Find out which way the ring turns so you’d know how to zoom in and out of your subject. Keep in mind that not all camera brands are the same. In the case of the focus ring, for instance, Canon and Nikon differ in the way it turns. Turning a Canon lens’ focus ring to the right will blur the focus while in a Nikon camera, turning it to the left will get the same result. If you’re taking a video of somebody approaching you from afar, there’s a trick you’ll have to keep in mind. From a distance, it’s normally easy to pull focus on your subject. When the subject gets closer, however, you need to turn the focus ring farther to keep up and ensure that your images are clear. It is also strongly recommended that you practice with each of your lenses. This will enable you to learn how far you need to turn the focus ring to get the best results. If you’ll be doing some panning while taking videos, there’s a tip on how to do it right. What often happens is when you do a quick pan, the frame wobbles causing a blurry effect. Avoid a quick motion at all times and if you have a lens with image stabilization, it’s ideal to use it. If you don’t have it, you may use an external stabilizer. The only downside is its high price. To achieve quality audio, it’s a good idea to use an external mic. You can use your usual microphone in the house and just attach it directly or via an adapter to your camera. Most DSLRs with audio inputs have a headphone port where you can attach your mic.