handheld camera stabilizerAn aspiring videographer or filmmaker will want access to a camcorder that can help record professional quality videos. Most such camcorders are priced very high, out of the reach of someone yet to make a name for themselves in this field. One way out of this situation is to purchase a pre-owned camcorder. Before you purchase a pre-owned camcorder you need to ensure that the piece is undamaged, especially the lens and other vital parts. A high definition pre-owned camcorder produced by a well-known company is more likely to be the tool you require to impress potential customers. If you are unsure about the camcorder, better rent it out for some time, use it in every way possible and then decide which one to buy. If you are in the market for a pre-owned camcorder then consider a XH-A1 Professional HD camcorder from Canon. This model can deliver high quality images and a 20x optical zoom. With it you can shoot using 60i, 30, or 24 progressive frame rates. Its output video is true 1080 HD resolution. By purchasing a fully-tested pre-owned camcorder that delivers crystal clear test footage, you will be able to obtain a great bargain. The XH-A1 is lightweight ensuring ease of shooting under a variety of conditions. It comes with a Canon 20x Professional Series Fluorite genuine lens that ensures great color reproduction, resolution, and contrast. This lens also makes sure that images are clear and pristine. With the XH-A1 you can be sure that your pictures are enhanced by sharp color reproduction even when you are shooting scenes with special lighting or trying to capture skin tones. It has a noise reduction system that uses two types of technology that can be independently set at three different settings. The camcorder has a widescreen liquid crystal display of 2.8″ and a.57″ electronic view finder to ensure high resolution views. As both can be used simultaneously, with this camcorder the director and the videographer are both able to view the scene being captured. The XH-A1 has other features that make it a good buy. For instance, it has a Super-Range Optical Image Stabilizer to ensure that the shot is steady even if the videographer is on a moving vehicle or sways inadvertently. The Instant Auto Focus feature enables quick focus to deliver quality pictures. This camcorder offers multiple levels of flexibility-one can use it in the automatic exposure mode or use manual adjustments. The controls for manual adjustment are in two locations, so that shooting under different conditions is a breeze. While there are reasons why you might want to spend on a pre-owned camcorder, there are other options like opting for a video camera rental which will offer you a better choice of avant-garde products at budget friendly rates.